Genuine Sterling Silver Turquoise Inlay Navajo Indian Handmade Ring by Ron Henry

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This beautiful narrow shank ring is striking and will catch the eye of everyone! This piece of Native American jewelry is Navajo hand crafted by artist Ron Henry. The Native American ring is created from genuine sterling silver, 14K and authentic Turquoise inlay. The inlay is meticulously set.

Facts: Color, Meaning, Value of Turquoise
Turquoise’s color reflects its environment. Nearby aluminum turns turquoise green. Zinc creates a yellowish green. Turquoise of the highest quality, holding the best colors, lies near the surface. Exposed to sunlight and weather, turquoise lightens.
Regardless of the color, turquoise holds prestige and power. Native American deities carry weapons and live in homes made of turquoise. The Apache believe turquoise filled the pot at the end of the rainbow. Zuni ceremonies include turquoise-colored face, mask, and body paint to represent Awonauilona, the sun’s life-giving power.